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Black is Back

Over the past several years I have installed a variety of window colors from tan to bronze to green. But no color seems to be as popular right now as black. I was at a warehouse last month and was amazed to see how many black windows were on pallets waiting to be installed. Upon further investigation I learned that black is now one of the fasted growing sellers in one of the Andersen Window product lines. It’s easy to understand why when you see what a dramatic difference black windows can make to your home’s curb appeal.

There was a time when buying a window color other than white would have been a considerable upcharge. But today, most companies have a wide array of color options that add no addition cost to the product. Also, the sealant and aluminum industries are producing caulks, flashing and capping to be exact color matches of all the popular window and door colors.

If you are considering adding a new element of color to your home please give us a call. We have window and door products to fit every style and budget.