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Should You Consider Sash Kits?

A sash kit is a window replacement option that allows a homeowner to only replace the sashes or the operable panels of a window. These kits are typically made for homeowners that have wood double hung windows and want the new windows to also be wood. Most kits include 2 sashes, 2 balances, 2 jamb liners, a screen and new hardware.

Sash kits are an attractive option for homeowner because they are often less expensive than other types of wood replacement windows. Installation is also less labor intensive and an entire home can usually be completed in 1 day.

There are a few generic sash kits available that will fit a variety of different windows. However, we prefer kits that are specifically made by a window manufacturer to upgrade their own older model windows. These types of kits tend to be much easier to install and have a tighter fit.

The main problem with any type of sash kit is getting the new sashes to fit firmly and snuggly in the old opening. If the old opening is level and square there is a good chance the sash kit will fit snuggly and perform properly. If the old opening is not square it is unlikely that even an experienced installer will be able to install the sash kit true and square. This will make the sashes difficult to close properly and could result in draftiness.

At Artisan Windows the only sash kits we install are Andersen Conversion kits. These kits are designed specifically to retrofit existing Andersen Narroline windows into easy to clean tilt-wash windows with higher performing glass. We have had great success with these kits and overall have a great deal of confidence in the Andersen products.

There are thousands of older Andersen Narroline windows installed in this area. Unfortunately, most window companies are either unaware or uninterested in offering this lower priced alternative. If you think your home might have these style of windows and would like to learn more about replacement window options please give us a call. We have window and door products to fit every style and budget.