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Aren’t All Vinyl Windows The Same?

If you have been getting prices on vinyl windows you might be wondering what gives? All the windows look about the same, all the windows have good energy ratings and all the sales reps say their products are the best. So why is there such a huge difference in the price?

There could be a number of reasons why the prices are so different but I’m going to talk about only one: There is a huge difference in quality in the vinyl window products being sold and the differences are not always easily noticed, particularly when the window is brand new.

Vinyl windows are a very attractive option for replacement windows. They are energy efficient, they are maintenance free and they are made in a variety of custom sizes and shapes that will fit almost any window opening. Vinyl windows are also usually more affordable than their wood clad, fiberglass and composite competitors. The main downside to vinyl is the tendency of the vinyl (poly vinyl chloride) to expand and contract with changes in temperature. This ultimately leads to damage to the seals that hold the gases inside the glass. When this happens the inside of the glass usually looks cloudy and can often have visible condensation.

To counteract this expansion and contraction, higher quality vinyl window manufactures use thicker grade vinyl frames. They will also reinforce the frames with metal. The hardware and balances are often of much higher quality. The glass will include higher-end spacer bars and have a better method of introducing the gases between the panes. None of these critical upgrades would be apparent to the average consumer based on a visual inspection alone. In fact, most homeowners won’t notice the poor quality of their windows until they have been installed for 5 years or more. Keep in mind that all energy efficient testing is done on brand new windows, not on 5 year old windows.

At Artisan Windows, I only offer products I have installed with my own 2 hands. I choose products that I know will last. I also choose products that have a very low service/call back rate. And finally, I ensure that if one of my windows does need service, I only use products I know the manufacturer stands behind with easy to get parts and service. Yes, these windows can be a little more expensive. But true value lies in performance and durability not just the cheapest price.

If you are considering vinyl windows for your home please feel free to give me a call. I will give you honest, straight forward information about all of the window products on the market and help you find the right product for your home and budget.